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Anti-Static, ESD, Clean Room Products

Anti-static products are designed to protect sensitive electronic components and equipment from the damage caused by static electricity in cleanrooms and uncontrolled environments. These products help neutralize or dissipate electrostatic charge, thereby preserving the safety and integrity of electronic devices. They help create a safe working environment for people working in such segments. At 773 Group, we provide one of the most extensive collections of anti-static products, including ESD device containers, ESD grounding mats, ESD straps, ESD clean room accessories, ESD bags, and anti-static clothing for clean room environments. Our collection also features cleanroom swabs and brushes, cleaners, wipes, ionizer equipment, and many more. All these products are sourced from trusted brands. Browse our collection to find the best anti-static ESD product for your needs!

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    Part No. Description Product Name Standard Packaging Other Name Series Product Status Action
    XC4062XLA-09BG432C  XC4062XLA-09BG432C
    19859  WRISTSTRAP DUAL ASSY MTL EXP 4MM 19859 1 - Active
    19857  WRISTSTRAP DUAL ASSY MTL EXP 4MM 19857 1 - Active
    19860  WRISTSTRAP DUAL ASSY WOVEN 7MM 19860 1 Silveron™ Active
    40982  VINYL ANTIFATIGUE BLK .45X36X60" 40982 1 Statfree DPL Plus™ Obsolete
    796637-6  TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS VERT 5.08MM 796637-6 400 Termi-Blok, Buchanan Active
    STF18NM60ND  MOSFET N-CH 600V 13A TO220FP STF18NM60ND 1,000 497-13866-5 | -497-13866-5 FDmesh™ II Obsolete
    esd cloths  esdcloths esd cloths
    P8256AH  single 40-pin device P8256AH
    IRFF230  MOSFET N-Channel 200V 5.5A (Tc) TO39 IRFF230
    D38999/44WJ24PN  D38999/44WJ24PN D38999/44WJ24PN
    XC2S50E-6TQG144C  IC FPGA 102 I/O 144TQFP XC2S50E-6TQG144C
    P8042AH  8-BIT, MROM, 8048 CPU P8042AH
    P8254-2  IC 8254-2 Programmable Interval Timer 10MHz DIP 24-Pin P8254-2
    04641  ESD SMOCK BL SNPS PKT MD 04641 1 Trustat® Active
    13376  BG STSHLD MTL-IN 10''X26'' 100EA 13376 1 Statshield® Obsolete
    13771  MST BARRIER 10X20" 6.5MIL 100PK 13771 1 Statshield® Active
    14364  PCB EDGE PROTECTORS 20/PK 12" 14364 1 Active
    37257  ESD HANDLER 10-3/4X4-5/8X1 37257 1 Protektive Pak® Obsolete
    46060  PROTECT STATGUARD CARPET 1GAL 46060 1 Statguard® Obsolete
    4658  SMOCK, TRUSTAT, JACKET, WHITE, S 4658 1 Trustat® Active
    74224  SMOCK, TRUSTAT, JACKET, XL,WH 1P 74224 1 Trustat® Active
    RGS13442-1  GROUNDING STRIP KIT RGS13442-1 1 StructuredGround™ Obsolete
    37065  SHIPPR CIRBD 12-1/2X10-1/2X2-1/2 37065 1 Protektive Pak® Active
    39170  ESD AREA SIGN 39170 1 Protektive Pak® Active
    US-836028-49  M30 STEEL SHELF WITH LIP US-836028-49 1 Active
    13341  BG STTSHLD MTL-IN 2''X3'' 100EA 13341 1 Statshield® Obsolete
    37310  ESD HANDLER 14-3/4X16X2-1/4 37310 1 Protektive Pak® Obsolete
    37784  CARRIER LEAD CHIP 12-9/16X4X7/16 37784 1 Protektive Pak® Obsolete
    73508  ESD SMOCK HD CTTN PLY 1%C BL XL 73508 1 16-1592 | 73508 Not For New Designs
    73844  JACKET W/SNAPS TEAL XLARGE 73844 1 Statshield® Smocks Obsolete
    48780  BG STTSHLD ZP 8X12" 100EA 48780 1 Statshield® Active
    JKV8829BG  KNIT CUFF, BURGUNDY, 5X-LARGE JKV8829BG 1 JKV Not For New Designs
    37596  BOX CLOSED BIN 24-3/4X6X4-1/2 37596 1 Protektive Pak® Active
    39066  ESD HANDLER 8X8-1/8X1-1/4 39066 1 Protektive Pak Plastek™ Active
    TTB2448GY  MAT KIT W/HARDWARE 24"X48" TTB2448GY 1 MT4500 Not For New Designs
    38801  HNDLR ADJ 150CELL 8X1-3/4X1" 38801 1 Protektive Pak® Active
    73772  ESD JACKET W/CUFFS BLUE 4XL 73772 1 Statshield® Active
    13850  DESICCANT PACK 550PCS/PK 13850 1 Desi Pak® Discontinued at Digi-Key
    38924  ESD HANDLER 12-3/8X4-5/8X1 38924 1 Protektive Pak Plastek™ Obsolete
    RGS134B42-1  GROUNDING STRIP KIT RGS134B42-1 1 StructuredGround™ Active
    37258  ESD HANDLER 10X10-3/4X3-5/8 37258 1 Protektive Pak® Active
    37394  ESD HANDLER 8X4X2-3/4 37394 1 Protektive Pak® Active
    2111218  STATIC SHIELD BAG 2110R SERIES M 2111218 100 2110R Obsolete
    WP-4346  FINE MESH BASKET W/LID WP-4346 1 Active
    CD 0035YB  FLOOR PVC BLK/YLW 5'X3' CD 0035YB 1 Active
    04567  HEEL STRAP XLARGE 04567 1 Stat-A-Rest™ Obsolete
    04654  ESD SMOCK WH SNPS XL 1 PCKT 04654 1 Active

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