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Sensors, Transducers

Sensors, Transducers

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    Part No. Description Product Name Standard Packaging Other Name Series Product Status Action
    CR4150-75  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 75A AC CR4150-75 1 CR4100 Obsolete
    CR4150-40  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 40A AC CR4150-40 1 CR4100 Obsolete
    CR4150-100  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 100A AC CR4150-100 1 CR4100 Obsolete
    CR4160-150  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 150A AC CR4160-150 1 CR4100 Obsolete
    CR4170-40  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 40A AC CR4170-40 1 CR4100 Obsolete
    CR4170-100  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 100A AC CR4170-100 1 CR4100 Obsolete
    CR4170-150  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 150A AC CR4170-150 1 CR4100 Obsolete
    CR4180-50  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 50A AC CR4180-50 1 CR4100 Obsolete
    CR4460-50  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 50A AC CR4460-50 1 CR4400 Obsolete
    CR4460-40  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 40A AC CR4460-40 1 CR4400 Obsolete
    CR4470-50  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 50A AC CR4470-50 1 CR4400 Obsolete
    CR4470-150  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 150A AC CR4470-150 1 CR4400 Obsolete
    EVQ-V5H00415B  ROTARY ENCODER MECHANICAL 9PPR EVQ-V5H00415B 1,600 EVQV5H00415B | P15494 EVQV Active
    NPA-100B-001G  SENSOR 1PSIG 0.12" .135V NPA-100B-001G 100 NPA-100 Active
    NPA-730B-001D  SENSOR 1PSID 0.12" 14BIT 14SOIC NPA-730B-001D 100 NPA-730 Active
    NPI-15J-500SV  SENSOR 500PSIS 1/8"NPT 0.1V NPI-15J-500SV 1 NPI-15VC Active
    VQ603/2  VQ3 PELLISTOR, VQ600 HEAD, 0.5" VQ603/2 20 VQ600 Active
    P51-100-A-AD-MD-4.5OVP-000-000  SENSOR 100PSI 7/16-20UNF .5-4.5V P51-100-A-AD-MD-4.5OVP-000-000 1 P51-100-A-AD-MD-4.5OV | P51-100-A-AD-MD-4.5OV MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-100-A-I-P-4.5OVP-000-000  SENSOR 100PSI 7/16-20UNF .5-4.5V P51-100-A-I-P-4.5OVP-000-000 1 P51-100-A-I-P-4.5OV | P51-100-A-I-P-4.5OV MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-100-G-D-I12-20MA-000-000  SENSOR 100PSI 7/16-20UNF 4-20MA P51-100-G-D-I12-20MA-000-000 1 P51-100-G-D-I12-20MA | P51-100-G-D-I12-20MA MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-100-G-G-D-5V-000-000  SENSOR 100PSI 1/8-27NPT 1-5V P51-100-G-G-D-5V-000-000 1 P51-100-G-G-D-5V | P51-100-G-G-D-5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-100-G-J-D-5V-000-000  SENSOR 100PSI 3/8-24UNF 1-5V P51-100-G-J-D-5V-000-000 1 P51-100-G-J-D-5V | P51-100-G-J-D-5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-100-S-L-M12-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 100PSI M10-1.25 6H 4.5V P51-100-S-L-M12-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-100-S-L-M12-4.5V | P51-100-S-L-M12-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-100-S-L-P-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 100PSI M10-1.25 6H 4.5V P51-100-S-L-P-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-100-S-L-P-4.5V | P51-100-S-L-P-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-100-S-N-I12-20MA  SENSOR 100PSIS 1.2 UNF 4-20 MA P51-100-S-N-I12-20MA 1 MediaSensor™ Obsolete
    P51-1000-A-M-MD-20MA-000-000  SENSOR 1000PSI M10-1.0 6G 4-20MA P51-1000-A-M-MD-20MA-000-000 1 P51-1000-A-M-MD-20MA | P51-1000-A-M-MD-20MA MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-1000-S-J-M12-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 1000PSI 3/8-24 UNF 4.5V P51-1000-S-J-M12-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-1000-S-J-M12-4.5V | P51-1000-S-J-M12-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-15-A-H-I36-20MA-000-000  SENSOR 15PSI M12-1.5 6G 4-20MA P51-15-A-H-I36-20MA-000-000 1 P51-15-A-H-I36-20MA | P51-15-A-H-I36-20MA MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-15-G-P-I36-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 15PSI M20-1.5 6G .5-4.5V P51-15-G-P-I36-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-15-G-P-I36-4.5V | P51-15-G-P-I36-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-1500-A-W-M12-4.5OVP-000-000  SENSOR 1500PSI 1/8-27NPT .5-4.5V P51-1500-A-W-M12-4.5OVP-000-000 1 P51-1500-A-W-M12-4.5OV | P51-1500-A-W-M12-4.5OV MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-1500-S-AD-P-20MA-000-000  SENSOR 1500PSIS 7/16 UNF 4-20MA P51-1500-S-AD-P-20MA-000-000 1 P51-1500-S-AD-P-20MA | P51-1500-S-AD-P-20MA MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-1500-S-B-M12-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 1500PSI 1/8-27NPT .5-4.5V P51-1500-S-B-M12-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-1500-S-B-M12-4.5V | P51-1500-S-B-M12-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-1500-S-E-I36-5V-000-000  SENSOR 1500PSIS 3/8 UNF 5V 36" P51-1500-S-E-I36-5V-000-000 1 P51-1500-S-E-I36-5V | P51-1500-S-E-I36-5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-200-A-J-I12-4.5OVP-000-000  SENSOR 200PSI 3/8-24UNF .5-4.5V P51-200-A-J-I12-4.5OVP-000-000 1 P51-200-A-J-I12-4.5OV | P51-200-A-J-I12-4.5OV MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-300-A-F-M12-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 300PSI 1/4-18NPT .5-4.5V P51-300-A-F-M12-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-300-A-F-M12-4.5V | P51-300-A-F-M12-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-300-A-N-I36-4.5OV  SENSOR 300PSI 1.2-20UNF-2A 4.5V P51-300-A-N-I36-4.5OV 1 MediaSensor™ Obsolete
    P51-300-S-A-MD-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 300PSI 1/4-18NPT .5-4.5V P51-300-S-A-MD-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-300-S-A-MD-4.5V | P51-300-S-A-MD-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-3000-A-L-I12-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 3000PSI M10-1.25 6H 4.5V P51-3000-A-L-I12-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-3000-A-L-I12-4.5V | P51-3000-A-L-I12-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-3000-A-W-P-20MA-000-000  SENSOR 3000PSI 1/8-27NPT 4-20MA P51-3000-A-W-P-20MA-000-000 1 P51-3000-A-W-P-20MA | P51-3000-A-W-P-20MA MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-3000-S-AA-I36-4.5V-000-000  SENSOR 3000PSI 7/16-20 UNF 4.5V P51-3000-S-AA-I36-4.5V-000-000 1 P51-3000-S-AA-I36-4.5V | P51-3000-S-AA-I36-4.5V MediaSensor™ Active
    P51-3000-S-C-I12-5V-000-000  SENSOR 3000PSIS M12 5V 12" P51-3000-S-C-I12-5V-000-000 1 P51-3000-S-C-I12-5V | P51-3000-S-C-I12-5V MediaSensor™ Active
    SM141K06L  MONOCRYST SOLAR CELL 184MW 4.15V SM141K06L 25 IXOLAR™ Active
    BES01TF  DIMENSION=59 X 8 X 8 MM, STYLE=8 BES01TF 1 Active
    BES01W0  DIMENSION=32 X 20 X 8 MM, STYLE BES01W0 1 Active
    CR4111-75  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 75A AC CR4111-75 1 CR4100 Active
    CR4160-15  SENSOR CURRENT XFMR 15A AC CR4160-15 1 CR4100 Active
    CR6211-250-20  TRANSDCR AC 0-5 VDC OUT 1PHASE CR6211-250-20 1 CR6200 Active

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