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Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are cables grouped or bundled into a single unit for a specific network application. This arrangement eases their installation, de-clutters the surrounding space, and helps organize the network. Also known as cable harness assembly, they are of varied colors, types, and lengths. At 773 Group, we provide a variety of cable assemblies of different brands and types such as coaxial shielded or unshielded cables. We also offer a variety of connectors suitable for these cables based on their types such as RJ45, BNC, and more. They can be bundled with the help of ties and fasteners also available with us. You can choose the length, type, number of cables, connectors, and so on based on your application requirements. Browse our selection to find the best cable harness assembly for your needs.

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    Part No. Description Product Name Standard Packaging Other Name Series Product Status Action
    DR05AW102 SL400  CBL 5POS MALE TO FMALE 49.2' DR05AW102 SL400 1 DR05AW102SL400 | DR05AW102 SL400 Obsolete
    10149221-N1500YYLF  501-21MF-SOFIX HIGH MULT 10149221-N1500YYLF 1 Obsolete
    Q-2P01A0003.75M  SMA-RJB/MCX-RP G174 0.75M Q-2P01A0003.75M 1 Active
    Q-2P03I0003036I  SMA-RJB/SMB-RJ G174 36I Q-2P03I0003036I 1 Active
    Q-2P03M0003018I  SMA-RJB/SMB-SJB G174 18I Q-2P03M0003018I 1 Active
    Q-2P0480003003M  SMA-RJB/TNC-RJB G174 3M Q-2P0480003003M 1 Active
    Q-2P0710003018I  SMA-RJB/SMA-SJ G174 18I Q-2P0710003018I 1 Active
    Q-2Q03O000R001M  SMA-RJB/SMB-SJB G316D 1M Q-2Q03O000R001M 1 Active
    Q-2R02Z0008006I  SMA-RJB/SMA-SJ RG58 6I Q-2R02Z0008006I 1 Active
    Q-2R03P0008036I  SMA-RJB/SMB-SJ RG58 36I Q-2R03P0008036I 1 Active
    Q-2R04J0008018I  SMA-RJB/TNC-SJ RG58 18I Q-2R04J0008018I 1 Active
    Q-2T04C0001009I  SMA-SJ/TNC-SJB G178 9I Q-2T04C0001009I 1 Active
    Q-2U0020001006I  SMA-SJB/BNC-SJ G178 6I Q-2U0020001006I 1 Active
    Q-2U0470001018I  SMA-SJB/SMPM-SP G178 18I Q-2U0470001018I 1 Active
    Q-2U0470001072I  SMA-SJB/SMPM-SP G178 72I Q-2U0470001072I 1 Active
    Q-2V0040003003I  SMA-SJ/BNC-SJB G174 3I Q-2V0040003003I 1 Active
    Q-2V00J00051.5M  SMA-SJ/BNC-SP G316 1.5M Q-2V00J00051.5M 1 Active
    Q-2V01J0005060I  SMA-SJ/MMCX-SJ G316 60I Q-2V01J0005060I 1 Active
    Q-2V01U0005.75M  SMA-SJ/N-SJB G316 0.75M Q-2V01U0005.75M 1 Active
    Q-2V03L0003084I  SMA-SJ/SMB-SJ G174 84I Q-2V03L0003084I 1 Active
    Q-2V0440005012I  SMA-SJ/SMP-SP G316 12I Q-2V0440005012I 1 Active
    Q-2V05A0005006I  SMA-SJ/FKRAZ-SP G316 6I Q-2V05A0005006I 1 Active
    Q-2W00J0005060I  SMA-SJB/BNC-SP G316 60I Q-2W00J0005060I 1 Active
    Q-2W01Q0005009I  SMA-SJB/MMCX-SP G316 9I Q-2W01Q0005009I 1 Active
    Q-2W01Q0005024I  SMA-SJB/MMCX-SP G316 24I Q-2W01Q0005024I 1 Active
    Q-2W01U00050.5M  SMA-SJB/N-SJB G316 0.5M Q-2W01U00050.5M 1 Active
    Q-2W03H0003.25M  SMA-SJB/SMB-RJB G174 0.25M Q-2W03H0003.25M 1 Active
    Q-2X01D000R1.5M  SMA-SJB/MCX-SP G316D 1.5M Q-2X01D000R1.5M 1 Active
    Q-2X02D000R001M  SMA-SJB/N-RP G316D 1M Q-2X02D000R001M 1 Active
    Q-2X02M000R009I  SMA-SJB/N-SP G316D 9I Q-2X02M000R009I 1 Active
    Q-2Y02Y0008.75M  SMA-SJB/SMA-SJB RG58 0.75M Q-2Y02Y0008.75M 1 Active
    Q-2Y03D0008002M  SMA-SJB/SMA-SP RG58 2M Q-2Y03D0008002M 1 Active
    Q-2Y04K0008108I  SMA-SJB/TNC-SJ RG58 108I Q-2Y04K0008108I 1 Active
    Q-2Z01X0008.75M  SMA-SJ/N-SJB RG58 0.75M Q-2Z01X0008.75M 1 Active
    Q-2Z02Z0008009I  SMA-SJ/SMA-SJ RG58 9I Q-2Z02Z0008009I 1 Active
    Q-3003E000D048I  SMA-SJB/SMA-SP LMR19 48I Q-3003E000D048I 1 Active
    Q-3400J00050.5M  SMA-RP/BNC-SP G316 0.5M Q-3400J00050.5M 1 Active
    Q-3400V0003036I  SMA-RP/HDBNC-SP G174 36I Q-3400V0003036I 1 Active
    Q-340140005003I  SMA-RP/MCX-SJ G316 3I Q-340140005003I 1 Active
    Q-3401F0005006I  SMA-RP/MCX-SP G316 6I Q-3401F0005006I 1 Active
    Q-3402C0005009I  SMA-RP/N-RP G316 9I Q-3402C0005009I 1 Active
    Q-3403I0005018I  SMA-RP/SMB-RJ G316 18I Q-3403I0005018I 1 Active
    Q-3403S0005072I  SMA-RP/SMB-RP G316 72I Q-3403S0005072I 1 Active
    Q-3404G0003072I  SMA-RP/TNC-SJ G174 72I Q-3404G0003072I 1 Active
    Q-3405G0005036I  SMA-RP/HDBNC-RP G316 36I Q-3405G0005036I 1 Active
    Q-3407100050.5M  SMA-RP/SMA-SJ G316 0.5M Q-3407100050.5M 1 Active
    Q-340710005006I  SMA-RP/SMA-SJ G316 6I Q-340710005006I 1 Active
    Q-3501L000R012I  SMA-RP/MMCX-SJ G316D 12I Q-3501L000R012I 1 Active
    Q-3501O000R048I  SMA-RP/MMCX-RP G316D 48I Q-3501O000R048I 1 Active
    Q-3501O000R084I  SMA-RP/MMCX-RP G316D 84I Q-3501O000R084I 1 Active

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