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Connectors, Interconnects

Connectors and interconnects are used to form connections among various components or systems in electronics and telecommunications. They enable the transmission of data, signals, or electrical power. Connectors are typically used to join two or more electrical circuits together. They come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for specific applications. Interconnects, on the other hand, facilitate the transfer of signals and power between various components. These components typically consist of wires, cables, or connectors that establish the necessary connections between different system parts. Connectors and interconnects find extensive application across numerous sectors, including telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. At 773 Group LLC, we offer an expansive collection of connector and interconnect products, including mil-spec electrical connectors. Being a leading electronic connector distributor, our products meet compliance with standards. Some of our offerings under this category include AC power connectors, backplane connectors, banana and tip connectors, barrel connectors, blade-type power connectors, circular connectors, coaxial connectors, and solid-state lighting connectors. Our types of connectors for electronics are integral to a myriad of consumer and military applications, serving in aircraft, vehicles, communication systems, weapon systems, and electronic equipment. Explore our inventory of mil spec power connectors and choose the best that matches your specific requirements in terms of size, shape, electrical properties, environmental resilience, and installation methods.

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    Part No. Description Product Name Standard Packaging Other Name Series Product Status Action
    1011-239-0605  1011-239-0605 RFQ
    D38999/20TC35PE   D38999/20TC35PE RFQ
    DDMZ-24X7S-N-A197  DDMZ-24X7S-N-A197 RFQ
    MTC100BY1013  MTC100BY1013 RFQ
    PT02A-20-41P  PT02A-20-41P RFQ
    SS24-0B00-02-  SS24-0B00-02- RFQ
    5-861256-1  CONN LGH RCPT 1POS CYL 5-861256-1 4 Active RFQ
    1811495-6  TERM STRIP 6POS 0.5" SCREW 1811495-6 300 Active RFQ
    846976-1  CONN LGH CAP CIRC 846976-1 1,300 Active RFQ
    CTJ-3A-08 [V003]  CONN RAIL ASSY 4.144" L CTJ-3A-08 [V003] 1 YCTJ-3A-08V0030000 | CTJ-3A-08[V003] | CTJ-3A-08 [V003] Active RFQ
    YCTJ120E02CC174000  CONN FEEDBACK MOD SZ20 0.672" L YCTJ120E02CC174000 25 CTJ Active RFQ
    866857-1  CONN LGH SPLICE 1POS CYL PNL MNT 866857-1 1 Active RFQ
    65022-002  JUNCTION ASSY 65022-002 1 Active RFQ
    BTJ116E01D  MODULE ASSY BTJ116E01D 1 Active RFQ
    CTL-22-513 [V0A1]  CONN WIRE SPLICE SZ22 0.200" DIA CTL-22-513 [V0A1] 87 CTL-22-513[V0A1] | CTL-22-513 [V0A1] | YCTL-22C1330000000 CTL Active RFQ
    1269#  DBL BANANA/BNC (F) PACK 1269# 1 501-1269# | 1943979 Active RFQ
    390088-1  CONN SHUNT DUAL BEAM 30AU PCB 390088-1 1,500 -390088-1-SI | 2266-390088-1 | 3900881 AMPMODU Active RFQ
    849610-4  CONN LGH RCPT 1POS CYL 849610-4 40 Active RFQ
    CTJ720E01B-513 [V003]  CONN GRND BLOCK SZ20 0.955" L CTJ720E01B-513 [V003] 1 CTJ720E01B-513[V003] | YCTJ720E01BC098000 | CTJ720E01B-513 [V003] Active RFQ
    4691-0#  TEST ADAPTER #22 PIN (BLACK) 4691-0# 1 1920392 | 501-4691-0# Active RFQ
    TJ11E-07-01 [V003]  MODULE ASSY TJ11E-07-01 [V003] 25 TJ11E-07-01[V003] | TJ11E-07-01 [V003] | YTJ11E-07-01V00300 TJE Active RFQ
    TJ11E-05-03  MODULE ASSY TJ11E-05-03 25 TJE Active RFQ
    YCTJ122E05EC058000  CONN FEEDBACK MOD SZ22 0.672" L YCTJ122E05EC058000 1 CTJ Active RFQ
    592584-3  CONN WIRE SPLICE SZ16 1.922" L 592584-3 100 TJS (Terminal Junction System) Active RFQ
    BTJ112E01E-513  MODULE ASSY BTJ112E01E-513 1 Active RFQ
    CTJ-3A-02-4021 [V003]  CONN RAIL ASSY 1.036" L CTJ-3A-02-4021 [V003] 1 CTJ-3A-02-4021[V003] | YCTJ-3A-02C0560000 | CTJ-3A-02-4021 [V003] Active RFQ
    CTM-22 [V003]  CONN WIRE SPLICE SZ22 1.262" L CTM-22 [V003] 100 CTM-22[V003] | CTM-22 [V003] | YCTM-22V0030000000 Active RFQ
    YCTJ122E02DC059000  CONN FEEDBACK MOD SZ22 0.672" L YCTJ122E02DC059000 25 CTJ Active RFQ
    65053-234  ELEC MODULE 65053-234 25 Active RFQ
    BTM-20-513  JUNCTION ASSY BTM-20-513 1 Active RFQ
    TSU-22-01  JUNCTION ASSY TSU-22-01 25 Active RFQ
    Y3104-243-0100V003  CONN MODULE ASSY Y3104-243-0100V003 50 Active RFQ
    DCR-1A-08 [V003]  CONN RAIL 4.144" L X 0.975" W DCR-1A-08 [V003] 100 DCR-1A-08 [V003] | YDCR-1A-08V0030000 | DCR-1A-08[V003] Active RFQ
    CTJ420E012-513  CONN MOD SZ20 1.170"L X 1.020" W CTJ420E012-513 1 Active RFQ
    124S-090 [V004]  MODULE ASSY 124S-090 [V004] 1 124S-090[V004] | 124S-090 V004 | 124S-090 [V004] | 124S-090 V004 | 124S-090V004 | Y124SC027000000000 Active RFQ
    3565-0#  TEST ADAPTER .093 PIN (BLACK) 3565-0# 1 1929693 | 501-3565-0# Active RFQ
    CTJ712K01E-513 [V003]  CONN GRND BLOCK SZ12 CTJ712K01E-513 [V003] 25 YCTJ712K01EC098000 | CTJ712K01E-513 [V003] | CTJ712K01E-513[V003] Active RFQ
    5-836567-1  CONN LGH RCPT 1POS CIRC 5-836567-1 4 Active RFQ
    863284-1  RFI GASKET, LGH 863284-1 25 Active RFQ
    CTJ420E034-513 [V003]  CONN MOD SZ20 1.170"L X 1.020" W CTJ420E034-513 [V003] 25 CTJ420E034-513 [V003] | CTJ420E034-513[V003] | YCTJ420E034C098000 Active RFQ
    CTL-12-513 [V001]  CONN WIRE SPLICE SZ12 0.360" DIA CTL-12-513 [V001] 35 CTL-12-513 [V001] | YCTL-12C0150000000 | CTL-12-513[V001] CTL Active RFQ
    JF13E-01-04  FRAME ASSY JF13E-01-04 1 Active RFQ
    591629-1  CONN RAIL MOD SZ16 3.731" L 591629-1 1 TJS (Terminal Junction System) Active RFQ
    20S-090 [V003]  MODULE ASSY 20S-090 [V003] 25 20S-090 [V003] | 20S-090[V003] | Y20SC1000000000000 Active RFQ
    CTJ-3A-05 [V003]  CONN RAIL ASSY 2.590" L CTJ-3A-05 [V003] 1 CTJ-3A-05 [V003] | CTJ-3A-05[V003] | YCTJ-3A-05V0030000 Active RFQ
    CTJ-3A-12-4032  CONN RAIL ASSY 6.216" L CTJ-3A-12-4032 1 Active RFQ
    CTJ122E05E  CONN FEEDBACK MOD SZ22 0.672" L CTJ122E05E 12 Active RFQ
    DCR-1A-06  CONN RAIL 3.108" L X 0.975" W DCR-1A-06 72 Active RFQ
    445729-1  CONN LGH PLUG 7POS CYL 445729-1 10 Active RFQ
    CTJ-3B-06  CONN RAIL ASSY 3.108" L CTJ-3B-06 1 Active RFQ

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