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Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories

Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories

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    Part No. Description Product Name Standard Packaging Other Name Series Product Status Action
    TS3575SL  DIN RAIL 35MMX7.5MM SLOTTED 70" TS3575SL 1 358 Active
    TS3575SOL  DIN RAIL 35MMX7.5MM UNSLOT 7" TS3575SOL 1 358 Active
    MPMS 006 0020 PH  MACH SCREW PAN HEAD PHILLIPS M6 MPMS 006 0020 PH 100 H759 | MPMS0060020PH Active
    10177CS  COMP O=1.156,L= 4.13,W= .135 10177CS 1 Active
    10439CS  COMP O= .437,L= .81,W= .035 10439CS 1 Active
    10950CS  COMP O= .562,L= 1.00,W= .081 10950CS 1 Active
    11856CS  COMP O= .953,L= 1.63,W= .074 11856CS 1 Active
    12396CS  EXT O= .765,L= 1.84,W= .034 12396CS 1 Active
    1841CS  COMP O=2.140,L= 5.75,W= .102 1841CS 1 Active
    2699CS  COMP O= .234,L= 1.00,W= .023 2699CS 1 Active
    269CS  COMP O=1.375,L=2.75,W=.120 269CS 1 Active
    3593CS  COMP O= .420,L= .88,W= .054 3593CS 1 Active
    4199CS  COMP O= .312,L= .50,W= .018 4199CS 1 Active
    5326CS  EXT O= .765,L= 2.88,W= .1055 5326CS 1 Active
    630CS  EXT O=1.250,L= 6.50,W=.162 HD 630CS 1 Active
    632CS  EXT O=1.500,L=14.00,W=.148 632CS 1 Active
    70071CS  COMP O= .120,L= 1.13,W= .010 70071CS 1 Active
    70415CS  COMP O= .180,L= .75,W= .029 70415CS 1 Active
    70427CS  COMP O= .180,L= .38,W= .032 70427CS 1 Active
    70590SCS  COMP O= .240,L= .94,W= .022 70590SCS 1 Active
    70904CS  COMP O= .300,L= 2.25,W= .038 70904CS 1 Active
    70933CS  COMP O= .300,L= .88,W= .042 70933CS 1 Active
    71080SCS  COMP O= .360,L= 2.00,W= .032 71080SCS 1 Active
    71187CS  COMP O= .360,L= 1.50,W= .047 71187CS 1 Active
    71CS  COMP O=1.000,L= 2.50,W= .120 71CS 1 Active
    72367SCS  COMP O= .975,L= .75,W= .081 72367SCS 1 Active
    72717CS  COMP O=1.225,L= 3.50,W= .148 72717CS 1 Active
    72843SCS  COMP O=1.460,L= 2.00,W= .177 72843SCS 1 Active
    80152SCS  EXT O= .180,L= 1.38,W= .020 80152SCS 1 Active
    80309CS  EXT O= .240,L= 2.25,W= .031 80309CS 1 Active
    80744SCS  EXT O= .500,L= 3.00,W= .069 80744SCS 1 Active
    80888CS  EXT O= .750,L= 2.75,W= .095 80888CS 1 Active
    80913CS  EXT O= .750,L= 5.00,W= .115 80913CS 1 Active
    A15-5CS  COMP O= .312,L= .25,W= .030 A15-5CS 1 Active
    B14-16CS  COMP O= .296,L= .88,W= .020 B14-16CS 1 Active
    B4-15CS  COMP O= .843,L= .50,W= .050 B4-15CS 1 Active
    G-13CS  COMP O= .250,L= .75,W= .038 G-13CS 1 Active
    HH-28CS  COMP O= .281,L= .94,W= .018 HH-28CS 1 Active
    K-17CS  COMP O= .172,L= 1.25,W= .022 K-17CS 1 Active
    KK-55CS  COMP O= .750,L= 1.00,W= .109 KK-55CS 1 Active
    N-113CS  EXT O= .188,L= .66,W= .013 N-113CS 1 Active
    S-125CS  COMP O= .718,L= .66,W= .093 S-125CS 1 Active
    S-1274CS  COMP O= .437,L= 1.69,W= .031 S-1274CS 1 Active
    S-1369CS  COMP O= .562,L= 1.25,W= .020 S-1369CS 1 Active
    S-1371CS  COMP O= .625,L= 2.50,W= .148 S-1371CS 1 Active
    S-1610CS  COMP O= .687,L= .81,W= .073 S-1610CS 1 Active
    S-754CS  COMP O= .500,L= .75,W= .042 S-754CS 1 Active
    TO-1046CS  TOR O=.686, W-.062 TO-1046CS 1 Active
    TO-5006LCS  TOR, O=.125, W=.015 TO-5006LCS 1 Active

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