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Boxes, Enclosures, Racks

Boxes, enclosures, and racks are the components crucial for ensuring the longevity, reliability, and functionality of sensitive electronic components. These components protect electronic devices from environmental hazards, mechanical damage, and electromagnetic interference. They help prevent dust, moisture, and other contaminants from affecting the device's performance. Moreover, these enclosures offer a layer of security against accidental impacts and facilitate the better organization of electronic components for easier access and maintenance.

At 773 Group, we offer a comprehensive range of boxes, enclosures, and racks meticulously designed to cater to various electronic protection needs. Our selection encompasses everything from durable outdoor enclosures and versatile server racks and cabinets to compact handheld and desktop enclosures. Each product is designed to protect electronic components or devices against environmental hazards, physical impacts, and electromagnetic interference, ensuring your electronic devices operate seamlessly and last longer. Whether you're looking to safeguard sensitive electronics in harsh industrial environments or organize and secure servers in a data center, our portfolio includes solutions from renowned leading manufacturers for their quality and reliability. Explore our collection to discover the perfect boxes, enclosures, and racks that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

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    Part No. Description Product Name Standard Packaging Other Name Series Product Status Action
    AX102306+CN  FXM MODULE 24-FIBER,LC, AX102306+CN 1 * Active
    FFSH12LA  FX UHD FRAME OS2 12P FFSH12LA 1 * Active
    FFSX08SC  FX ECX STRIP OS2 08P FFSX08SC 1 * Active
    PWX-12849  ALUMINUM INTERNAL PANEL FOR PW-1 PWX-12849 1 Active
    AS-M10  14.6X5.9X0.12 IN, 9,154 CU.IN AS-M10 1 Active-S Active
    UL PC 125/100 LG  BOX PLAS GRAY 5.100"L X 5.100"W UL PC 125/100 LG 1 Active
    1418N4S16S10  BOX S STEEL NATURAL 48"L X 36"W 1418N4S16S10 1 1418N4S16S10 | 4917-1418N4S16S10 1418 Active
    1435F  BOX STEEL GRAY 7.250"L X 6.250"W 1435F 1 1435 Active
    1435SSS  BOX S STEEL NAT 11.75"LX10.75"W 1435SSS 1 1435 Active
    1455L2201BK  BOX ALUM BLACK 8.661"L X 4.055"W 1455L2201BK 1 1455L2201BK | HM1730 1455 Active
    1455T2202  BOX ALUM NAT 8.661"L X 6.496"W 1455T2202 1 1455 Active
    1457C1201EBK  BOX ALUM BLACK 5.061"L X 2.441"W 1457C1201EBK 1 HM3145 | 1457C1201EBK 1457-EMI Active
    1481FC10KSS  ENCL FLOOR STAND ST 10X8X6" GRAY 1481FC10KSS 1 1481 Active
    1488JL11  CONSOLE STEEL GRAY 16"L X 20"W 1488JL11 1 HM3267 | 1488JL11 1488 Active
    1551NFLBK  BOX ABS BLACK 1.378"L X 1.378"W 1551NFLBK 1 1551FL Active
    1553CGYBAT  BOX ABS GRAY 4.615"L X 3.109"W 1553CGYBAT 1 1553 Active
    1590BFBK  BOX ALUM BLACK 4.409"L X 2.382"W 1590BFBK 1 HM1904 | 1590BFBK 1590F Active
    1590BS  BOX ALUM UNPTD 4.409"L X 2.382"W 1590BS 1 HM1906 | 1590BS 1590 Active
    1590KK  BOX ALUM UNPTD 4.902"L X 4.902"W 1590KK 1 1590 Active
    1591DSFLBK  BOX PLAS BLK 5.906"L X 3.150"W 1591DSFLBK 1 HM2004 | 1591DSFLBK 1591FLS Active
    1591LBG  BOX ABS BEIGE 3.346"L X 2.205"W 1591LBG 1 HM3927 | 1591LBG 1591 Active
    1596B111-10  BOX ABS BLK 1.181"LX1.181"W 1=10 1596B111-10 1 1596 Active
    DTT6801A460LG  AIR CONDITIONER DTT6801A460LG 1 DTT Obsolete
    EN4SD16126S16  BOX S STEEL NATURAL 16"L X 12"W EN4SD16126S16 1 Eclipse Active
    EN4TD24488LG  BOX STEEL GRAY 24"L X 48"W EN4TD24488LG 1 EN4TD24488LG | 4917-EN4TD24488LG Eclipse Active
    HN4FM604812S16  N4X 3-PT DBL DOOR FLOORMOUNT HN4FM604812S16 1 HN4 FM SS Active
    HWST483616S16  BOX S STEEL NAT 55.400"L X 36"W HWST483616S16 1 Waterfall Active
    M250-1003  HANDLE NYLON MTG CTR 4.016" M250-1003 1 M250-1003 | HM1306 | M2501003 M Active
    PJSP1210  PANEL SWING 11.5X9.5" PJSP1210 1 PJFS Active
    R507-244-000  PANEL INTERNAL 2MM ZINC PLATED R507-244-000 1 R100 Active
    REFK1906317GY2  RACK STEEL 17.5X21.3X68.2 GRY REFK1906317GY2 1 REFK Obsolete
    333.1-20-8-A-SW  HANDLE ALUMINUM MTG CTR 7.874" 333.1-20-8-A-SW 1 GN 333.1 Active
    528.1-PA-132-M8-OR  HANDLE PLASTIC MTG CTR 5.2" 528.1-PA-132-M8-OR 1 EN 528.1 Active
    630-114-A-DGB  HANDLE PLASTIC MTG CTR 4.49" 630-114-A-DGB 1 EN 630 Active
    CPPLA72WBLY  PATCH PANEL, 72 PORT, ANGLED, BL CPPLA72WBLY 1 298-21049 | 7498303691 | CPPLA72WBLY Mini-Com® Active
    DA8822B/PF  ENCLOSURE HARDWARE DA8822B/PF 1 Obsolete
    N51SPS  45 RU 1070MM N TYPE CABINET STAN N51SPS 1 * Active
    N8122WX00012  ENCLOSURE CABINET NET ACCESS N8122WX00012 1 Obsolete
    N8819WE  800MMW X 48 RU X 1070MMD N TYPE, N8819WE 1 7498334786 | -3255-N8819WE * Obsolete
    S61SSHDB  51RU X 600MM SOLID REAR DOOR FOR S61SSHDB 1 61305625985 | -3255-S61SSHDB * Obsolete
    S78SSHDB  48 RU 700MM SOLID REAR DOOR FOR S78SSHDB 1 7498381216 | -3255-S78SSHDB * Obsolete
    SN1RC  TYPE S AND N 51 RU REAR CAGE NUT SN1RC 1 -3255-SN1RC | 61305623617 * Active
    SR4  COMP STORAGE STEEL 11.75"X15.25" SR4 1 Obsolete
    Z22N000298  ENCLOSURE NETWORK ZONE Z22N000298 1 Obsolete
    Z22N000341  ENCLOSURE NETWORK ZONE Z22N000341 1 Obsolete
    Z23N001488  ENCLOSURE NETWORK ZONE Z23N001488 1 Obsolete
    Z23N001505  ENCLOSURE NETWORK ZONE Z23N001505 1 Obsolete

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